Over 60 Thousand children have nowwhere to sleep every night.


First and foremost we work for the kids. Our main mission to ensure every child has a home.

Food assistance

We appropriate portions of our donations to get food to those in need.


We appropriate funds to get the houseless into a home.

Mission statement

We're a small startup who are working on innovating the way people help each other. With all the hate in the world accompanied by the fast pace of life, Some of our wonderful, talented and kind people are overlooked just because of their location. We recognize that some people just need a helping hand to get to the next step in their journey. We aim to bridge the gap from homeless to home owner, by supllying the essentials to those in need. With a simple monthly donation you can help us bridge the gap with modern technology. We hope to eliminate homelessness. There are entire companies dedicated to bringing snacks to your door and delivering random good to your home on the next or same day. So why not use that same technology to actually make a difference. Forget buying houses for us, let's help those who actaully need it. Let's give back. This was our thought process when we founded this site and this is what we plan to do.